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IFAT research fellow Anna Tamási spoke about the actualities and perspective of the V4 – Germany relations at the IX. European Economic Congress in Katowice

On May 10th 2017 Anna Tamási, research fellow of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade participated in the European Economic Congress.

Ms. Tamási took part in the panel discussion „The Visegrád Group – a new chapter of cooperation" with her colleagues, Mr. Mateusz Gniazdowski, Deputy Director of the Centre for Eastern Studies – OSW) Poland; Mr. Aleš Chmelař, Chief Economist of the European Section of the Czech Government Office and Mr. Tomáš Strážay, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Central and South-Eastern Europe Research Programme & Research Centre of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (RC SFPA). The panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Grzegorz Ślubowski from the Polish Radio. In her statement Anna Tamási pointed out: "A great potential lies in the V4 cooperation for shaping the future of the European Union. In order to be able to live to this potential finding common ground amongst each other, deepening and widening the cooperation is of outmost importance. In partnership with Germany the Visegrád countries can protect the EU from disintegration."