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Open lecture on China’s image and influence in Central Europe at IFAT

Ivana Karaskova, senior researcher on China of Prague based AMO (Association for International Affairs) and lecturer of Charles University delivered an open lecture at IFAT on the image and influence of China in the CEE region on 1st of February.

Ivana Karaskova, the renowned China researcher from Czechia gave a public lecture based on the results of a research program focusing on China’s appearance in the CEE press, in the framework of the Chinfluence project. The main conclusion is that while China as a keyword appears in several articles and press products, they mostly focus on the planned Chinese investments in the region or high-level meeting of politicians, rather than on Chinese domestic politics or on the global efforts of the country. Following the lecture moderated by László Vasa PhD, chief advisor and senior researcher of IFAT, a discussion developed with several questions on the organized PR activity of China, its influence in CEE, the activity of the Confucius Institutes in the region and the Huawei case.