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Roundtable discussion on Italian political situation at IFAT

A roundtable discussion was organized by the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade on 25 April, entitled “Election without winner – Italy 2018”. On the event, participated by István Manno, Head of the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, former Consul General of Hungary in Milan, and Dr Fanni Tanács-Mandák, Associate Research Fellow at IFAT analyzed the current Italian political situation. The discussion was moderated by Tamás Levente Molnár, Research Fellow at IFAT.

During the discussion the experts delivered a comprehensive analysis on the domestic politics of Italy after the general elections held on 4 March: as none of the political parties have absolute majority, and a coalition government between the parties was not reached yet, a new Italian government is still not formed. However, it was stated during the discussion that political instability in Italy is not a new phenomenon, and the political happenings of the last two months are in line with constitutional directions. The speakers further elaborated on the regional differences concerning election results, the possible coalition playbooks, the EU-policy of the main parties, and the Hungarian interests regarding the government forming process.