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Screening of the documentary film „Vortex – Ukraine’s Endless Conflict”

On 17 January our IFAT hosted a unique event, when Dániel Kiss's film was screened. "Vortex - Ukraine's Endless Conflict" is a documentary by a Hungarian journalist that shows us the true face of the conflict that has been going on for years, through human fates and opinions.

The film includes the thoughts of soldiers, civilians, young people and the elderly as well. Thanks to this, we got to know the situation in eastern Ukraine in a very multifaceted approach.

The filmmaker Dániel Kiss was present at the film screening, adding his own experiences from Eastern Ukraine. After the screening, Sándor Ackermann, research fellow of IFAT had a conversation with the director. Kiss said he was trying to rely on personal opinions and experiences during the making of the film. Most of the film was recorded in the Ukrainian part of the conflict zone, but Kiss could also pass through the areas controlled by the separatists. Kiss said he was planning to prepare a second part, which would primarily be about the Azov Battalion's activities and image.