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Senior analyst from the Japanese Institute of Energy Economics visits IFAT

On 16th January 2018 Mr Shoichi Itoh, senior analyst from the Institute of Energy Economics in Tokyo visited the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, where he took part in a meeting with IFAT colleagues to discuss global energy trends, the outlook for the Central European energy market, and the region’s trade ties to Russia and China.

The Tokyo-based Institute of Energy Economics is one of the world’s largest and most renowned think tanks focusing on energy, and cooperates closely with both the Japanese government as well as its major conglomerates. It plays a key role in shaping Japanese energy policy alongside the continuous analysis of energy security trends and the drafting of energy-related forecasts. Mr Shoichi Itoh, senior analyst of IEE Japan visited the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade as part of his study tour of several countries in the region. He was hosted by Mr László Vasa, PhD, deputy director of IFAT, Mr Péter Goreczky, senior analyst, and Ms Diána Szőke, senior analyst.

The main topics on the meeting’s agenda were the strategic priorities of Hungarian energy policy, and the role of Russia in the energy mix of Central European states. In addition, the two parties discussed the impact of East Asian (primarily Japanese and Chinese) investment in our region.