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Szentes Axe 2017

Dr. Péter Wagner and Bence Németh, researchers of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, visited the Szentes Axe 2017 military exercise in Győr, Hungary on 5th July 2017. The Hungarian Defence Forces, together with units of the US Army, 2nd Cavalry Regiment and the Slovenian Armed Forces participated in a river crossing exercise where the American and the Slovenian units crossed the Mosoni-Duna River with the help of a pontoon bridge and ferry crossing point built and operated by their Hungarian partners.

The command of the United States Army in Europe (USAREUR) launched a series of exercises called Saber Guardian 2017 (SAGN17) in June 2017. The Saber Guardian 2017 departed from Germany, and through an open road transport will deploy through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. It will end in Bulgaria, near the shores of the Black Sea. One of the Saber Guardian 2017 series’ main events in Hungary is the Szentes Axe 2017 exercise.

Throughout the exercise the personnel operated a number of functional capabilities to secure and maintain a pontoon bridge site and ferry crossing point over the Danube River in order to support our Allies. In addition, an engineer company of the Ohio National Guard along with the designated troops of the Slovanian Defence Forces were embedded into the Hungarian forces. The actual bridge crossing was executed by the US Army 2nd Cavalry Regiment.