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The “Ask the Expert” series continued in Szeged

On 7 December 2018 the University of Szeged Faculty of Law and Political Sciences hosted the most recent event of the “Ask the Expert!” roundtable-discussion series titled “Syria – A Battleground for Great Powers?” Péter Wagner Ph.D, Máté Szalai, Bence Németh and Zoltán Egeresi represented the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade at the event, moderated by Márton Sulyok, Ph.D, Assistant Professor at the Faculty.

The informal discussion started by introducing the field of expertise of each research fellow, followed by questions from the audience and the moderator. The panelists outlined the current state of affairs in Syria, talked about the interests of regional great powers and Western countries, furthermore touched upon issues such as the potential impact of the Khashoggi case on the region. To the question whether peace will come to Syria, the discussants gave a mainly positive answer, highlighting however, that any peace will most likely manifest in the restauration of the Assad regime, not necessarily to the satisfaction of the local population.