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The Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade launched its new series: “Ask the Expert”

A new event series, called “Ask the Expert” has been launched by IFAT this Monday. The first encounter, which was covering the Trump administration’s foreign policy opportunities under the title “Donald Trump and the World” took place at Corvinus University, co-organized with the International Diplomatic Student Association.

The panellists of Monday night included Dr. Péter Wagner (senior research fellow, IFAT), Máté Szalai (research fellow, IFAT), Bence Németh (research fellow, IFAT) and Márton Ugrósdy (deputy director for strategy, IFAT), the event was moderated by Nikolett Garai, president of IDSA.

The overall objective of our new series is to discuss pressing foreign policy issues within an interactive framework, without the usual keynote and introductory speeches of the panellists. The audience is encouraged to ask questions immediately, this way the most important issues are quickly raised and time is being used the most effectively. Participants can also join the discussion – just as it happened on our first event too.

The foreign policy priorities of President Trump are clearly surrounded by intense interest. Based on the input of the audience, we discussed the prospects of the US-Russia relationship, the future of US-Chinese cooperation, the possible role of NATO, how President Trump was elected and what can be the consequences of the Trump presidency to the future of international cooperation.