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The meeting of Dr. Sándor Gyula Nagy with the Argentinean Secretary of State for Justice

Dr. Csaba Gelényi, Ambassador of Hungary in Buenos Aires received the State Secretary for Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of the Argentinean Ministry of Justice, his deputy, Dr. José Brian Schapira and Dr. Sándor Gyula Nagy, senior research fellow at IFAT.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the cultural and higher educational exchange relations of Hungary and Argentina. Furthermore, the historical, economic and political parallels of the two countries were also mentioned, including the transition processes after the Argentinean military dictatorship and the fall of communism in Hungary, the human rights violations suffered by the respective nations, and the revelation and commemoration of these crimes in both countries. The parties highlighted the collaboration between the institutions handling the above-mentioned topics and the exchange of related knowledge between the two countries. They also decided to take specific steps based on the conclusions reached upon the visit of the Secretary of State, Mr. Avruj, to Budapest and the visit of the mayor of Budapest, Mr. Tarlós to Buenos Aires. Today’s meeting comprises the first step in achieving the aforementioned objectives.