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Yaroslav the Wise: Diplomacy through Dynastic Marriages

Photo exhibition at the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade.

On January 24, our IFAT hosted the opening ceremony of the exhibition entitled "Yaroslav the Wise: Diplomacy through Dynastic Marriages". The former grand prince of Kiev was a supporter of dynastic relations, his daughter Anastasia was the wife of the Hungarian king Andrew I, while he also found foreign (Norwegian and French) husbands for his other two daughters.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Márton Ugrósdy, director of IFAT had an opening speech that was followed by the thoughts of Levente Magyar, deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Ljubov Nepop, the ambassador of Ukraine to Hungary. They both emphasized the importance of historical ties and expressed their hope that the current bilateral relationship is progressing more and more.

The photo exhibition is open until January 31 at our Institute.