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Research Fellow

Research field

France, French-Hungarian relations

Miss Almadi graduated from the International Economic Analyst master specialization at Corvinus University of Budapest. Then she became the doctoral student of IRGO research group at University of Bordeaux. First she was the trainee of Risk Management Service at the European Parliament, then the colleague of TMR and Projects Directorate at the European Investment Bank in HR and budget analysis as well as in quality management. After that, she became the marketing manager of Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia at CNHindustrial. Currently she has been the intervenant professor of KEDGE BS at Bordeaux Campus, and is the professor assistant of Institute for World Economy at Corvinus University of Budapest. Her primary research fields are France, its political – economic – social dimensions, France - Hungary relations, Les Républicains , Social attitude toward immigration in France; secondary are Pygmalion effect, self-fulfilling prophecies, research methods.