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CIVPOL – Civil Diplomacy on Migration Project

The Civil Diplomacy on Migration Project funded by the International Visegrad Fund aims to indetify the role and actions of the V4 countries regarding the management of the migration crisis within the region, and to give recommendations for future assistance in connection with border management, humanitarian/ethnic-religious issues and legal undertakings.

The current migratory crisis poses a significant challenge towards the European Union and Europe as a whole. In this geographical and political context, the Western Balkans region has a special and significant role, one of the main routes of the migratory movements stretching through their territories. The research conducted under the umbrella of this project focuses on the impact of the actions of the V4 in the region, and aims to formulate recommendations for the future.

Under the three pillars of the project (border management, humanitarian/ethnic-religious  issues, legal issues) researchers  examine the questions whether to what extent has the V4 action helped the countries of the region to manage the crisis and to what extent has it complemented assistance received from the EU structures. They also assess the reception of the V4 narrative in the region, identify synergies between the Union action and the actions of the V4 countries. Recommendations should pave the way to enhanced V4 assistance in the region, addressing the genuine needs of the countries, facilitating and complementing the actions determined on EU level and also improving communication in the region and in Europe as a whole. As a result, six publicly available podcasts will be released regarding the above mentioned issues and one study paper.

Implementation period of the project: from 15 January 2017 to 15 November 2017.

Consortium leader: IFAT


Participants from IFAT:

  • Péter Stauber, external expert
  • dr. Judit Tóth, external expert

The project is funded by the International Visegrád Fund.

The total budget of the project is 12.000 EUR.