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International Relations and Security Affairs Resource Hub

Summary Project Description

The main aim of the IRSEC Hub project is the establishment of a website – an information platform that is of dual purpose.

Firstly, the online information platform will facilitate easy access to databases of NGOs, experts, publications, analyses, and events organized and produced by participating nongovernmental institutions in the region that focus on international relations and security affairs. All inputs will be tagged with keywords (e.g. author, institution, date, focus etc.) to ease searching the site. Later on, the Hub will provide an eLearning dimension that will include podcasts, videos, document-sharing from universities in Visegrad countries that focus on political affairs, international relations and security studies.

Importance of the Project

The international relations and security communities in the V4 countries presently do not have a single platform where organizations, professionals and students can routinely interact and exchange information.

Instead of visiting just one website, professionals and students in this field have to search several sites to learn about planned events and relevant activities (e.g. NGOs websites, social media channels etc.). As a result, inspired projects and events often receive insufficient attention and publicity (especially in the case of smaller roundtables, conferences and lectures).

This project will link NGOs, research institutes, policy practitioners and students via one website. On this website international relations and security-minded NGOs and academic institutions can present their papers, videos or ideas as well as stay informed about upcoming events.

Such an online sharing service would be beneficial for other NGOs (i.e. saving executive time, effort and advertising/promotion budgets) as well as for professionals and students (i.e. “one- stop shopping” in their fields of interest).

Target Group

International relations and security community participants and broader public: university students and graduates, professors, government officials, experts, policy professionals, think tanks, universities, media, private sector executives. These constituencies would be drawn from:

- V4 countries
- Official community: those practitioners interested in the V4’s inputs on breaking security issues
- Policy makers, analysts, media representatives and experts worldwide


The core partners of the initiative are Prague Security Studies Institute, Slovak Foreign Policy Association and the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade. These core partners will help to create partner network in each country and to promote the Hub project in local universities, websites, social media channels and possibly conventional media. In exchange, they will be included in eLearning component of the project and will be regarded as our core partners on the website.

By now, we have received support from International Visegrad Fund and Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The founding of the IRSEC Hub was done by PSSI with the help of the Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association and the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade. Since the beginning, IRSEC Hub intended to be a regional initiative with a Visegrad focus.

Project coordinator: Ágnes Darázs


The IRSEC Hub, or International Relations and Security Affairs Resource Hub, is a new online project created by the Prague Security Studies Institute. The main component of this initiative will be an online information platform that will foster a more active, interconnected international relations and security affairs community within all four Visegrad countries. The goal of the IRSEC Hub project is to support cooperation and information exchange within and between all four Visegrad countries, to elevate the level of public education in the region and to attract greater attention to regional projects, events and research.

Coordinator of the IRSEC Hub – Ivana Smoleňová,

Partners of the IRSEC Hub are Research Centre of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA) and Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The project is co-sponsored by International Visegrad Fund.

More information about the project will be available soon.