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Jul 27, 2018

New Security Challenges from a Visegrad 4 Perspective

Publisher: Márton Ugrósdy – Director of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade

Editor: Diána Szőke – Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT) has published its newest, English-language collection of studies entitled “New Security Challenges from a V4 Perspective”, in which scholars from the Visegrad countries examine the most pressing security concerns facing Central Europe.

The publication explores four major security policy themes in depth. First, Martin Macq and Martin Michelot from the Europeum Institute in Prague present the current debates surrounding military security, in light of the Visegrad countries’ membership in both NATO and the European Union. Marta Przywała of the Cracow-based Kosciuszko Institute highlights the role of cyber security and information warfare. The security-related aspects of migration are discussed by Viktor Marsai and Péter Kövecsi-Oláh of the Migration Research Institute in Budapest. Finally, IFAT’s senior analyst and the editor of the publication, Diána Szőke examines the issue of energy and climate security.

The publication was written within the framework of the “New Security Challenges from a Visegrad 4 Perspective” project, which was undertaken as part of Hungary’s rotational presidency of the Visegrad Cooperation in 2017/2018. The project was realized with the professional and financial support of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The authors of the chapters had previously presented the key findings of their research at an academic conference held at IFAT’s headquarters on 30 May 2018.

Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Budapest, 2018.
ISBN 978-963-7039-51-5

The book is available here!