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Dec 12, 2018

The Island of Stability? Oman Amidst the Challenges of Succession, SocioEconomic Development, and Regional Instability (1)

Analysis by Máté Szalai

The aim of the two-part analysis is to present and interpret the challenges the Omani regime is facing in domestic political, the economic and the international spheres. In spite of the narrative that Oman constitutes an “island of stability” in the region, the Sultanate is challenged by a number of factors, including the upcoming succession process, economic hardship, the role of the youth, as well as the shrinking leverage for Omani foreign policy. While destabilization is still unlikely, this set of challenges will need strategic thinking and careful balancing. The first part of the analysis concentrates on the political aspects of succession and dilemmas related to socio-economic development.

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