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Jan 28, 2016

The Paris Climate Agreement: When High Expectations Meet Political Reality

Analysis by Diána Szőke.

A high-level intergovernmental summit on tackling anthropogenic climate change was held in Paris under the auspices of the United Nations last December. The purpose of the much-anticipated event was to work out a practical plan to curb future greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to provide assistance for countries to adapt to existing climatic changes. In many respects, the outcome of the Paris summit  is  a  typical  case  of  high  expectations  colliding  headfirst  with  political reality. Although the contents of the final deal are somewhat abstract and difficult to  enforce,  the  adoption  of  the  text  itself  demonstrates  a  reinvigorated  global commitment to dealing with the pressing issue of global warming. This study aims to explore the context and contents of the recent agreement, and to evaluate its potential consequences.

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