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Oct 28, 2016

US Global Power Projection: Is the World’s Policeman still Credible?

Study by Gábor Vörös.

In the face of the growing global disarray, the United States is still relied upon as the “world’s policeman”. This role requires an “omnipresent” military, a function the United States accomplishes by having unparalleled power projection capabilities. While its military is still well ahead of its potential rivals, it has to face asymmetrical threats in the form of hybrid warfare and anti-access/area-denial. Russia and China, in particular, are employing methods to cancel out the global reach of the United States. Additionally, this global role places a substantial strain on American military assets and resources, which are becoming increasingly lacking in certain areas. Therefore, the United States needs to devise ways to fll these capability gaps and ensure its access to all domains. To do so, it needs to devolve more responsibility to its allies, while at the same time to come to terms with its own limits and enhance its capabilities accordingly.

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