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Reading Group: "Interventions" by Kofi Annan

Időpont: 2018. április 26., csütörtök 18:00 - 20:00 Helyszín: Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade - 1016 Budapest, Bérc utca 13-15, Magyarország Térkép

Join us, and former UN Ambassador H.E. André Erdős, for our next reading group featuring the first chapter “Peacekeeper, Peacemaker” of Kofi Annan’s "Interventions".

The event’s guest of honour is His Excellency Mr André Erdős, former Permanent Representative of Hungary to the United Nations, including  during Hungary’s membership of the Security Council.

The discussion is organised by the Common Sense Society in cooperation with the  LSE Alumni Association Hungary, the Young Diplomats' Club and the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade
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Interventions, a Life in War and Peace was published in 2012. It chronicles the highs and lows of Annan’s years at the United Nations, from shuttle-diplomacy during the crises in Kosovo, Lebanon and Israel-Palestine, to the disastrous and wrenching disagreements over the Iraq War, via the creation of the landmark Responsibility to Protect doctrine. He writes about the organisation’s on-going challenges as well as efforts that ended in failure, including the tragedies in Somalia, Rwanda, and Bosnia, continuing violence in the Middle East.