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A Changing Climate: Effects of the US Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and Its Implications for Visegrad Countries

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US President Donald Trump’s announcement in June on the American withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement created a huge uproar, and cast doubts upon the future of international efforts to curb anthropogenic global warming. Although several US states and cities have pledged to step up their environmental efforts, the repercussions of the American decision will still be widely felt. While some have called this step the end of the road for multilateral negotiations on the issue, others have remained cautious, citing the underlying economic and political trends that may help salvage the progress made so far. This analysis attempts to evaluate some of the main consequences of the US pullout from the Paris Climate Accord, with a particular focus on the impacts, and potential opportunities, from the perspective of the Visegrad countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary).

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