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Consolidating Democracy and Market: Conference Report on the Visegrad Group Countries Experiences in Transiton

Szerkesztő: Wagner Péter
Kiadó: Schőberl Márton, KKI igazgató

Although it does not have a long history, the cooperation between the Visegrad countries (V4) and the republic of Korea has already achieved a lot. The first V4+Korea Foreign Ministers’ Meeting was held in Slovakia in 2014, which can be regarded as the kick-off event of this cooperation. In the following year it was followed by the first Summit Meeting of Heads of States and Governments, which was hosted by the Czech Republic. Over the past four years, the parties succeeded in launching the Knowledge Sharing Program focusing on economic policy and innovation, and also extended cooperation to the feld of science and technology through various projects. Moreover, the international Visegrad Fund, a foundation established and managed by the V4 countries, has received generous donations from the Republic of Korea, which helped to operate our development projects in the Western balkans and in the Eastern Partnership countries. last but not least, we launched a successful cooperation on sharing the Central European transition experience with our korean partners.

Külügyi és Külgazdasági Intézet
Budapest, 2018.
ISBN 978-963-7039-54-6 (print)
ISBN 978-963-7039-55-3 (web

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