Diplomatic Encyclopedia

Diplomatic Encyclopedia
2018-07-30 Béla

On 17 July 2018 the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade hosted a roundtable discussion to launch the book entitled “Diplomatic Encyclopedia”. The invited speakers included administrative editor János Sáringer, former Minister for Foreign Affairs János Martonyi, editor Iván Bába and Deputy State Secretary for Cultural Diplomacy Márton Schőberl.

As mentioned during the introduction, 2018 marks the centennial of the foundation of an independent Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thus the volume also serves as a tribute to the success of Hungarian diplomatic relations.

Following the welcoming remarks of Márton Schőberl, János Sáringer talked about the making of the book, from the birth of the idea to the date of publication, also touching upon the roots and milestones of Hungarian diplomacy.

János Martonyi elaborated on the different purposes of the volume, which, besides improving the professionalism of diplomacy, include increasing general knowledge, overcoming communication difficulties, as well as improving the quality of professional debates.

Lastly, Iván Bába introduced the structure of the book that is both an encyclopedia and a manual – thanks to the thematization of the articles. He recommended the volume to three distinct target groups: for the laymen due to its comprehensibility, for university students as learning material, and also for those working in public administration, serving as a point of reference.

The Diplomatic Encyclopedia will be available in the bookstores soon.