Economic cooperation and investment between the V4 and Japan

Economic cooperation and investment between the V4 and Japan
2021-03-25 Csenge Dobrai

The Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT) has launched a series of events to analyse the economic cooperation and perspectives between the Visegrad countries and Japan after the COVID-19 era. The second online roundtable discussion of the event series was held on February 26, 2021, moderated by Péter Wintermantel, chief advisor of MOL Group and former Hungarian diplomat in Tokyo. The topic of the event was the “Economic Cooperation between Japan and Visegrad countries in the post-Covid age”.

The contributing panellists from Japan were Dr. Atsuko Higashino, associate professor at Tsukuba University, and Prof. Kaoru Natsuda, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, furthermore Mr. Zoltán Sűdy, CEO of Sudy & Co. consultancy company, former Hungarian ambassador in Tokyo, and Dr. Ágnes Szunomár, Head of Research Group on Development Economics, CERS Institute of World Economics, and associate professor of Corvinus University of Budapest.

During the event, the Visegrad countries – Japanese economic, trade and investment relations and their perspectives were reviewed and discussed, with an emphasis on the increased presence of other Asian actors in the region. The participants agreed that despite the highly active economic relations, there are still very serious opportunities to explore of trade and investment between the two countries. Japanese investments are an important part of the economies of the Visegrad countries, as they represent high added value, typically in industry. However, there are further opportunities for investments, including the service sector.

The full recording can accessed at the link below or on our YouTube-channel!