Foreign Policy Review – Call for Papers

Foreign Policy Review – Call for Papers
2020-01-30 KKI
Call for Papers The ASEAN region: an emerging key player in global economy

The Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade has been running Foreign Policy Review, its annual English publication for several years now. This year, FPR’s issue will concentrate on the ASEAN region’s integration into the world economy, reflecting its potential to become an economic powerhouse and growth engine globally. We are seeking submissions in the following topics:

  • How do geopolitical issues influence the economic relations of ASEAN countries with regional and global powers?
  • China in Southeast Asia: threat or opportunity?
  • How could the Belt and Road Initiative fulfil the infrastructure development needs of ASEAN countries?
  • Counterweight to China? Potential of economic relations with India
  • Connectivity as a key to future economic prosperity of the region
  • US-ASEAN economic relations in an era of disruption
  • Opportunities for ASEAN in the digital economy
  • Prospects of economic relations between Hungary and the ASEAN countries
  • ASEAN as a dynamic segment of global and regional supply chains
  • The ASEAN region and Japan’s economic strategy
  • Dynamics and prospects of economic relations between ASEAN and South Korea
  • ASEAN and regional free trade agreements

We are announcing this call for papers in order to provide an opportunity for young and accomplished researchers, both in Hungary and abroad to share their views on one of the most promising economic regions of the world. We are looking for original, previously unpublished essays, with a maximum length of 50.000 characters to be published in this year’s FPR issue.


  • •February 29, 2020: those interested in contributing to the issue, should send their maximum 500 word abstract to the address
  • •March 20, 2020: decision is announced on the preliminary acceptance of the abstracts •
  • August 31, 2020: deadline for the submission of the full paper
  • •September 20, 2020: decision of the double-blind peer review process is announced •
  • October 15, 2020: revised papers are due
  • •December 15, 2020: publication of the 2020 FPR issue

All manuscripts must be referenced according to the APA format. Submissions without proper references will be automatically rejected. All submissions will go through a double blind peer review process, and we provide feedback for every author. Copyediting and proofreading will be provided by IFAT as the editor of the volume.

IFAT reserves the right to reject the publication of any paper without prior notice. IFAT does not keep and return manuscripts, but we try to ensure that even the papers which do not get published in the printed volume, have an opportunity to appear on IFAT’s other series, especially in the KKI Analysis format.

Should you have any questions regarding this call, please contact us in email at