IFAT attends China and Central and Eastern Europe Think Tanks meeting in Beijing

IFAT attends China and Central and Eastern Europe Think Tanks meeting in Beijing
2019-12-18 KKI
A meeting with the aim of to allow dialogue and exchange of views between think tanks in China and Central and Eastern Europe was held for the third time. The previous conference was held in Budapest, and was organized by the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT). The first meeting was held in Poland (Warsaw) in 2016.

This two-day meeting took place in Beijing on December 3, 2019 organized by CIPHL. During the 3rd China-CEEC High-Level Academic Forum, Chinese and European partners presented their research on China-Europe cooperation, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and “17 + 1” initiative joint development projects. The meeting highlighted opportunities and obstacles as well as the need for interregional cooperation.

The panel discussions included topics such as: China and CEECs Relationship in the Past 70 years: Review and Outlook; Building a Human Community with a Shared Future: Perspective from China and CEEECs; Belt and Road Initiative and CEECs: Development and Challenges; China’s Economic Development: Perspective from CEECs. The event was attended by a number of Chinese and European research organizations, which made it possible to get to know the different perspectives.

At the meeting, Research Fellow György Ilyash, representing the Foreign Affairs and Trade, gave a presentation on this topic: “Hungarian Openness towards the Belt and Road Initiative: Hungarian Priorities, Expectations and Opportunities“.

The event program included visits to the Economic Daily media conglomerate and JD.COM company.

Economic Daily is a leading economic daily newspaper with 58 regional offices in China and correspondents in more than 20 countries around the world. The Economic Daily newspaper is the leading product of the media conglomerate among 18 other media outlets. The newspaper co-operates with all the world’s leading international economic media outlets. The new Digital Media Center, introduced during the visit, manages the social media publications etc. of the media conglomerate.

JD.COM (Jingdong) is a Beijing-based Chinese company, a leading player in e-commerce in China and the world. The company’s online platform has 200 to 300 million customers. US-based Walmart is a major partner and co-owner of the company. The company invests heavily in new technologies (Artificial Intelligence, autonomous technology and robots, etc.) and currently has the world’s largest drone delivery system.

The current forum was reported in detail by the Chinese media, which analyzed the current state of development and opportunities for development of cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe.