2019-04-15 Béla


Senior Research Fellow, Manager of Middle East and North Africa Program

Research field

Persian Gulf, Syria, Iraq, Libya, the Islamic State, Small State Foreign Policy

Máté Szalai received his Bachelor and Master degree in the International Studies program at Corvinus University of Budapest, where he is currently an assistant lecturer. He started to work at the predecessor of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Trade as a project coordinator in 2014, then as a researcher from 2015 and as the coordinator of the Middle Eastern and North African research program from 2017. Besides the general political, economic and social developments of the MENA region, his primary fields of research include the Persian Gulf and the Syrian and Iraqi civil wars. He is the co-author of the book entitled “The Caliphate of the Islamic State” published in 2016. He obtained his PhD in 2019 in the International Relations Doctoral School at Corvinus University of Budapest. Beyond MENA affairs, he also researches the foreign policy of small states as well as their theoretical and practical possibilities and challenges.