Second event of the „Ask the Expert” series

Second event of the „Ask the Expert” series
2017-03-27 Béla

On the 21st of March, the second event of the new „Ask the Expert” series was organised by the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, the International Diplomatic Student Association and the ELTE ÁJK Institute of Political Sciences on the topic of NATO and its old and new challenges.

The invited experts were Brigadier General Dr. Imre Porkoláb, the Associate Research Fellow of IFAT and Dr. Péter Wagner and Bence Németh who are both researchers of IFAT. The questions and answers were moderated by Gábor Zord, foreign policy expert and journalist of Magyar Nemzet and Zsófia Tillinger, the course leader of IDSA. The topic of the event was closely related to the Transformation Seminar of NATO organised at the same time in Budapest.

The event was met with great interest just like the first occasion of the series. Most of the questions from the audience were about the migration crisis affecting more NATO member states and the engagement of NATO within this context. Brigadier General Porkoláb emphasised that to make the cooperation of the member states more effective, continuing innovation and the development of communication platforms are crucial within the framework of NATO. He also added that the organisation is currently facing substantial changes of morale that are signalled by the processes that are noticeable in Hungary as well.

During the event, the possibility of the creation of a joint European armed force and its effects on NATO were mentioned too. Dr. Péter Wagner highlighted the importance of the cooperation and interoperability between the member states. Bence Németh also talked about how innovation and the spread of high-tech devices could play an important role in the effective solution of future challenges of NATO.