Foreign Policy Review 2019

Foreign Policy Review 2019
2020-02-14 KKI
Foreign Policy Review 2019 – Volume 12
Published by the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade

ISSN 1588-7855 (Print)

ISSN 2064-9428 (Online)



FPR 2019 Authors and Affiliations

Gergely VARGA: Foreword

Henning RIECKE: Alliance for All Allies Balance between NATO’s Tasks – Convergence of its Members

Wojciech LORENZ: NATO Deterrence in the Eastern Flank What More Needs to be Done?

Tamás MAGYARICS: How to Revitalise the U.S.– Eastern European Relations

Gergely VARGA: NATO in the Grips of Geopolitics and Geo-Economics

Gábor MAROSFI: Prospects for Further NATO Enlargement

Benjámin BAKSA: The U.S. and the Eastern European Defence Cooperation Agreements: Impacts, Geopolitics a nd the Hungarian Case

Diána SZŐKE: NATO’s Evolving Approach to Cybersecurity

Dorien VAN DAM: The Cybersecurity of the Electric Grid: NATO and EU Responses to V4 Challenges, From Pipeline Politics to Grid Governance

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